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Advertising and marketing

We can implement a strategy to best suit your marketing needs. Developing your brand gives us unique insight into your positioning, goals and perceptions which we can help translate into advertising and marketing products. Pod will assist in creating quality concepts, copywriting, design and delivery of print products.

Website design packages

From creative design to robust functionality and smart usability, we can help you build the website you need to be the best. As part of our analysis we consider your budget, time frame and business goals to come up with a web design plan that fits your unique business requirements. Your website is the first impression your potential customers have of your business.

Product packaging

We work from our Sydney studio on the packaging design of brands to improve how they are perceived at the point of sale. In short it is not as simple as throwing a logo on a box. Packaging requires research and a deep understanding of the target demographic. Your product packaging design also needs to truly capture your brand, so consumers can identify it quickly and with confidence.

How we can help

Graphic design is at the heart of all design and good design is at the heart of most interactions. Our Sydney graphic designers are experienced across a range of clients from small start ups to multinational companies. Pod design is crafted to meet your expectations and your budget.

Custom artwork

I’m not only a graphic designer, but a multi-media artist. It’s what I enjoy doing, my hobby outside of work! Please feel free to email me with your art request, and I can let you know if I can do it! I specialise in painting, collages and mixed media. I’ve recreated a lot of vintage movie posters for a variety of clients. Nothing lights up a room better than great art.